ANU and Canberra International Music Festival in total harmony

The Australian National University (ANU) and the Canberra International Music Festival will use the success of this year’s event to build even closer ties.

The 2019 festival – the 25th – included performances by staff and students from the ANU School of Music.

The University also provided commissioned works, including by local Indigenous composer Dr Chris Sainsbury, loaned instruments to performers and held a joint seminar. 

Head of the ANU School of Music Associate Professor Kim Cunio said he looked forward to building “a deep and profound relationship” with the Canberra International Music Festival in coming years.

“The ANU School of Music and the Canberra International Music Festival are vital to Canberra and the region’s creative industries and culture,” Associate Professor Cunio said.

“We are committed to working together to deliver the best in music and performances for the local community.

“We will dream, design and make world-class projects together.

“We will encourage the best musicians to come to Canberra to hear music, to play music, to study music, and to stay in our wonderful city.

“And together we will continue to encourage young musicians and sustain Indigenous music.”

Dean of the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Professor Rae Frances congratulated the Canberra International Music Festival on its biggest year ever.

“ANU is very proud of our association with the 2019 festival,” Professor Frances said.

“We thank all the composers, players, technical staff, volunteers and donors, as well as the leadership of artistic director Roland Peelman and general manager Alex Raupach, who made the 2019 festival such a success.

“We look forward to a close and mutually beneficial relationship with the festival.”

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