ANU and King’s College partner to improve gender equity

The Australian National University (ANU) will partner with King’s College London to create an Asia-Pacific satellite of their Global Institute for Women’s Leadership.

The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership is based in London, and chaired by former Prime Minister the Hon Julia Gillard AC. Ms Gillard will also chair the board of the Asia-Pacific satellite.

The new Asia-Pacific satellite, to be based at ANU, will be the first international base for the Global Institute, and will work in close partnership with its London counterpart on research projects, education programs, advocacy and engagement.

The Hon Julia Gillard AC, former Prime Minister and Chair of the Global Institute for Women’s leadership said:

“This partnership between ANU and King’s College London will help the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership expand its reach and achieve a truly global impact with its work. 

“The new Asia-Pacific satellite institute will broaden our network of researchers and practitioners and help us get the message out about what is effective in promoting gender equality.

“We want to see a world in which all women, wherever they’re from and whatever they do, are able to fulfil their potential free from prejudice, discrimination and biased assumptions about their abilities or personalities.”

The satellite will draw on The Australian National University’s deep commitment to, and expertise in, gender equity issues in Asia and the Pacific, led by new academic staff appointed to lead its collaborative work.  

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC said the University was delighted to be partnering with King’s and the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, and to amplify its important work in the Asia-Pacific. 

“The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership has had a remarkable impact since it was founded at King’s College London under the leadership of Julia Gillard,” he said. 

“Its research is shining a light on gender bias in the media and the workplace, and identifying the ingrained inequality that still acts as a barrier to women worldwide.

“Through this new partnership, ANU will support the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership to help drive change and improve gender equity in Asia and the Pacific.” 

The President and Principal of King’s College London, Professor Ed Byrne AC, said:

“This partnership will enable King’s to further strengthen its ties with outstanding research institutions in Australia. I’m delighted that we are collaborating with ANU, and on an issue as important and timely as gender equality. 

“The work we will undertake together through the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership will play a key role in realising our vision to make the world a better place.”

The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London works towards a world in which being a woman is not a barrier to becoming a leader in any field, nor a fact that negatively influences how female leaders are judged. 

It was established in 2018 to bring together research, practice and advocacy to better understand and address the causes of women’s underrepresentation in leadership positions across sectors and countries. It also explores the way gender negatively impacts the evaluation of women leaders.

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