ANU archaeologist releases interactive app for Angkor Wat temples

An archaeologist from The Australian National University (ANU) has released a new app that acts as a virtual tour guide for one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions – the temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

The Angkor Audio Tour app guides users through one of the world’s most spectacular ancient temple sites providing a fun, informative perspective on the archaeological site based on the most recent research.

The app’s creator, Dr Dougald O’Reilly of the ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology, spent seven years undertaking research in Cambodia and said he has developed a close personal tie to the region.

“Angkor is one of the wonders of the ancient world, it’s a very large site with literally hundreds of Hindu and Buddhist monuments,” Dr O’Reilly said.

“They are massive structures that are really awe inspiring, it’s one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions visited by more than two million visitors each year now.”

Dr O’Reilly said the app comprises an audio guide, narrated by Southeast Asia expert Professor Charles Higham, and maps help keep visitors on track.

“We did a great deal of research to put this project together so that the app can give users a deeper understanding than you would get if you were flipping through a guidebook,” he said.

“It gives you a more personal experience allowing visitors to block out the crowds and listen as what is before you is explained.”

“It’s packed full of little gems, like facts about Cambodian culture and environment and stories of mythology.”

The app building on the success of An Interactive Guide to Angkor an iBook on the same topic which recently won the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s Gold Award for Best Travel Guide of 2018.

To download the app for iOS or Android search for ‘Angkor Audio Tour’ in the Apple store or Google Play store. The iBook, An Interactive Guide to Angkor, is available from iTunes.


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