ANU congratulates newest graduates

More than 2,500 students will graduate from The Australian National University (ANU) this week, as part of the mid-year award conferral ceremonies.

In total 1,800 students will take part in graduation ceremonies at Llewellyn Hall from Wednesday 11 July, with another 716 to graduate in absentia.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC offered his congratulations to all of the graduates.

"Today's graduations represent the culmination of years of research and study for our graduating students," Professor Schmidt said.

"They should rightly be very proud of their achievements and on behalf of the whole University, I wish them well in their future endeavors."

One student in particular has taken a different path from most of her peers. After leaving school at 16, K’Trie Coster had a career in shipping before beginning her undergraduate studies at ANU. Ms Coster will become the first member of her family to graduate from university when she graduates with a Bachelor of Arts from the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences on Wednesday 11 July.

“I’m very excited, I can’t believe I’ve done it,” Ms Coster said. “It’s been a very long process but for me it was all about getting a quality education.”

Seven students will be honoured with a University Medal for academic excellence:

*Jessie Liu - Bachelor of Arts (Honours)/Bachelor of Science

*Xiaoyang Xu - Bachelor of Statistics (Honours)

*Kenuo Li - Master of Commerce (Advanced)

*Ross Pure - Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development)

*Louise Blessington - Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

*Andrew Palm - Master of Earth Science (Advanced)

*Chenyang Ye - Juris Doctor

*David Cribb - Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts

Graduation ceremonies will be held on 11, 12 and 13 July 2018.

The ANU Media Team is able to co-ordinate interviews with some of our outstanding graduates. For assistance please call (02) 6125 7979, or email <>.


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