ANU excellence confirmed in national research ratings

The Australian National University (ANU) has achieved outstanding results in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2018 assessment, conducted by the Australian Research Council.

In the rigorous and academically-led ERA exercise, which is run every three years, ANU was assessed as having the highest possible rating, “well above world standard”, in 15 broad fields of research, out of 21 assessed.

The University was also assessed in 71 narrow fields of research, where 68 were assessed to be “above world standard”, including 47 with the highest possible rating.  

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC said 2018’s ERA results again show the University’s exceptional strength and breadth in research.

“Today’s ERA results confirm that ANU is at the forefront of Australia’s research excellence”.

“We aim to be excellent in everything we do. I am proud that in 68 of the 71 areas we were assessed in, or 96% of our research outputs, we have been rated above world standard”, Professor Schmidt said.

“I am delighted for ANU and proud of my many colleagues across the HASS and STEM disciplines whose great work has been recognised in ERA 2018.”

“Three years ago, ANU had a strong set of ERA results. Even from this high base, we have dramatically improved.”

“Today’s results also show how much great research is underway in Australia, and on behalf of ANU I congratulate our colleagues in universities across the nation for the amount of high quality research which ERA shows we all conduct”.

The University received the highest possible rating in the following broad ‘two-digit’ fields of research:

  • Mathematical sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Earth sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Agriculture and veterinary sciences
  • Information and computing sciences
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Studies in human society
  • Language, communication and culture
  • History and archaeology
  • Philosophy and religious studies
  • Law and legal studies

A total of 15 top ratings out of 21 broad disciplines assessed improves on the University’s performance from the 2015 ERA outcomes, when 11 top ratings were awarded.

In the four-digit fields of research, which cover narrow sub-disciplines, ANU recorded an extraordinary 47 top ratings out of 71 assessed, up from 38 in 2015. In addition, a further 21 sub-disciplines were given the rating of ‘above world-standard’, while three were ‘at world standard’. No sub-disciplines were rated below this level.

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