ANU EXPERTS ALERT: Federal Budget 2020

Experts from the Australian National University are available to comment on the Australian Federal Budget.

Professor Andrew Blakers FTSE   
Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering
M: 0417 390 139  
Expertise: Energy and greenhouse  

Mr Andrew Norton  
Centre for Social Research and Methods  

M: 0418 583 102  
Expertise: Higher education   

Dr Arnagretta Hunter 
ANU Medical School 
M: 0418 419 414 
Expertise: Health, climate change, health impacts of social policy, human future. 

Associate Professor Ben Phillips 
Centre for Social Research and Methods
M: 0403 929 395 
Expertise: Budget impact on households, social security, tax, economics 

Dr John Pye 
Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials 

M: 0408 793 626 
Expertise: Green steel, decarbonisation of industry, solar-thermal power 

Professor Ken Baldwin 
Energy Change Institute
M: 0432 987 251 
Expertise: Energy policy 

Dr Liz Allen 
Centre for Social Research and Methods 

M: 0401 358 091 
Expertise: Population, immigration, demography, birth rates, inequality, Gender. 

Professor Mark Howden 
Director, ANU Climate Change Institute 

M: 0429 026 050 
Expertise: Climate change, carbon capture and use and soil carbon. 

Professor Miranda Stewart  
Crawford School of Public Policy, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute  

M: 0423 175 883  
Expertise: Tax, transfers, gender equality, budget process, transparency, childcare 

Professor Peter Whiteford 
Crawford School of Public Policy 

M: 0403 050 371 
Expertise: Social security policy, Jobseeker, poverty 

Professor Sharon Friel  
School of Regulation and Gobal Governance 
M: 0410 356 194 
Expertise: Inequality, health, climate change 

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