ANU EXPERTS: Captain Matthew Flinders

The body of explorer Captain Matthew Flinders has been found at a burial site beneath Euston station in London — 216 years after he circumnavigated Australia.

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Professor Frank Bongiorno
ANU School of History
T: 0437 216 149
Expertise: Australian history

“Matthew Flinders is a major figure in Australian exploration. It is an extraordinary story that his body has been located after all these years.

“He is significant for the first circumnavigation of the country and for popularising the idea of calling it ‘Australia’.”

Dr Martin Thomas
ANU School of History
T: 02 6125 4282
Expertise: Australian history

“Matthew Flinders was one of the most remarkable figures in the early history of the colony. He was a fearless navigator, a superb draftsman and, as we know from his journal, a wonderful writer.

“Accompanied by the Aboriginal man, Bungaree, he circumnavigated the continent and brought the name ‘Australia’ into circulation.

“Flinders had a remarkable life, but a short one. To find his remains at Euston Station is a curious footnote to this life of discovery.”

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