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ANU experts comment on JobKeeper, JobSeeker and Budget update

Following the Government’s recent announcements about changes to the JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs, and in the lead up to this Thursday’s Budget update, The Australian National University has a number of experts who are available to comment.

Dr Liz Allen 
Demography and population studies

‘The demographic assumptions underpinning the federal budget have not been met this financial year, setting the foundation for great and growing fiscal pressures in the short to medium term. The coronavirus crisis is adding even greater burden on individuals, families and the economy, meaning the nation must now look to building resilience within the economy. This resilience must include economic supports for families and low income earners, including accessible childcare and financial stimulus.’

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Professor Peter Whiteford 
Social Policy, JobKeeper/JobSeeker

0403 050 371 or


Associate Professor Nicholas Biddle 
Population trends and policies, impact of COVID-19 on Australians 

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Professor Robert Breunig 
Tax, inequality and economic growth, JobKeeper/JobSeeker, childcare

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Ben Phillips 
Economics and social policy

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Professor John Hewson 
Economics, finance, government and the financial system

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