ANU releases essays on the new arms race on Australia’s doorstep

The Australian National University (ANU) has launched a collection of essays giving an in-depth look at the rising nuclear ambitions and capabilities of Asia.

The publication – Nuclear Asia – brings together leading experts in politics and defence policy for the Middle East and Asia Pacific region to dissect what has become a confronting new international arms race on Australia’s doorstep.

Professor Michael Wesley, Dean of the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, said for the first time since the Cold War, the world is faced with the possibility of a genuine disturbance to the nuclear order.

“Trump’s unpredictability combined with Kim Jong-un’s increasing confidence have led to a dangerous Asia Pacific,” Professor Wesley said.

“We cannot afford to turn our attention elsewhere, hoping that nuclear stability will autonomously reassert itself. This threat must be at the forefront of public and policy consciousness.”    

The publication includes 17 essays from leading experts including:

  • Professor The Hon Gareth Evans AC QC: Nuclear disarmament: the global challenge

  • Distinguished Professor Amin Saikal AM: Iran and Saudi Arabia: proliferation pressures

  • Professor Rory Medcalf: Submerged risk - the undersea dimension of Asia’s nuclear contest

  • Dr Leonid Petrov: North Korean Nuclear Program and the Continuing Korean War

  • Dr Tanya Ogilvie-White Responding to the nuclear crisis in North East Asia

  • Associate Professor O Fiona White: Domestic drivers of proliferation

The Nuclear Asia publication was produced by the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and can be seen in-full here:

Essay authors are available for media interview.

For media assistance, email or contact Aaron Walker on the ANU media hotline on 02 6125 7979 or 0418 307 213.


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