ANU School of Art and Design appoint new Head of Sculpture

The Australian National University (ANU) School of Art and Design is set to take on new European influence with the appointment of international artist Alex Martinis Roe as its Head of Sculpture.

Dr Martinis Roe has taken on the position after nearly a decade working in Germany. Her work has been exhibited across Australia and at museums, public institutions and galleries in cities including, Berlin, London, Santiago, Dublin, New York, Amsterdam and Seoul.

Dr Martinis Roe is hoping to foster the School’s participation in European contemporary practice, which has been a strong part of her career.

“I'm interested in creating further connections and dialogue between ANU and the European art world where I have been working for the past nine years,” she said.

Her current To Become Two project - a series of films, workshops, public events and a book - looks at the social history of feminist practice – research she hopes to expand in her time at ANU.

Dr Martinis Roe said her work explores complex social and political issues, an approach she hopes to share with her students.

“All art plays a very strong political role in defining what our broader cultural values are,” Dr Martinis Roe said.

“I want to get students to think about the politics of their work and how they can bring nuance and new perspectives to ‘super-wicked problems’ through public exhibitions.”

Head of the ANU School of Art and Design Professor Denise Ferris said it was exciting to have Dr Martinis Roe join the School, “Her international profile has definitely generated a buzz around the school. Students have been approaching me to tell me how much they are anticipating her arrival.”

“This appointment is a statement about the future direction of the School and the value of transdisciplinary practice and research-led teaching,” Professor Ferris said.

Dr Martinis Roe said she was excited to be joining one of Australia’s most highly regarded art and design schools.

“The resources here are incredible. The knowledge held within the School has great potential to address the complex challenges that require us to think beyond traditional disciplines today,” Dr Martinis Roe said.

You can read more about Alex Martinis Roe and her work at her website:

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