ANU seeking community participation in the PFAS Health Study

The Australian National University is inviting people in the Williamtown, Oakey and Katherine communities to participate in a survey to help improve the understanding of health impacts of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) exposure.

The survey is part of the University’s PFAS Health Study, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, and will ask participants to provide information on potential exposure to PFAS, existing health conditions and any concerns about their health in relation to PFAS exposure within their community.

The survey will be linked to PFAS blood serum results previously obtained from an earlier part of the study.

Information for participants:

  • If you have already participated in the Voluntary Blood Testing Program (VBTP) associated with the PFAS Health Study, you will be posted a hard copy survey
  • If you have not participated in the VBTP, but would like to, please visit this website (, once you have had your blood collected your details will be sent to the study team and a survey will be posted to you
  • If you wish to participate in the survey, but not the VBTP, please email

The survey will begin in mid-2019, with analysis of the responses due to the Department of Health in mid-2020.

More information on the PFAS Health Study is available is available on the study webpage (    

For media enquiries, please contact Jo Meehan on 0436 605 635 or

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