ANU students to explore our region with New Colombo Plan scholarships

EMBARGO – 1800ESDT on 26 NOVEMBER 2019

The Australian National University (ANU) congratulates eight of its students who have been awarded New Colombo Plan scholarships to undertake study in countries in our region.

The students will study in China, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan and Samoa.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC said the New Colombo Plan scholarships provide an excellent opportunity for Australian students to learn about the culture and issues of countries in our region, and to bring that valuable knowledge home.

“As the national university, ANU plays a leading role in investigating and studying issues that affect our region, and we encourage our students to not just be leaders in their own communities, but to also think about the regional and global context of their studies,” Professor Schmidt said.

“We’ve had many successful scholars broaden their understanding of, and passion for, the Indo-Pacific region through the New Colombo Plan and this has helped them succeed academically and beyond their studies in their professional and personal lives.”

“I congratulate all the ANU students who have worked hard to deserve this opportunity, and I encourage them to dive deep into the cultures of the countries they’ll call home for the next semester.”

The New Colombo Plan provides for students to undertake a semester of study in more than 40 participating countries in the Indo-Pacific region. 

A full list of ANU students who have received 2019 New Colombo Plan scholarships is below:

Cherry Zheng

Bachelor of Philosophy (Asian Studies), Diploma of Languages (Chinese)

Peking University, China

Oliver Lilford

Bachelor of Philosophy (Asia-Pacific)

University of South Pacific, Fiji

Evangeline Packett

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International Security

University of South Pacific, Fiji

Cameron Allan

Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of International Security Studies

Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia

Clare McBride Kelly

Bachelor of Asian Studies/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia

Dana Throssell

Bachelor of Asian Studies/Bachelor of International Security

Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia

Scanlon Williams

Bachelor of Languages/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Hokkaido University, Japan

Evangeline Sharman

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours – Asia and the Pacific

National University of Samoa, Samoa

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