Australian and UK scholar exchange launched

The Australian National University (ANU) has signed a Fellowship Grant Agreement with King’s College London, the National Museum of Australia and the National Archives of Australia to deliver a Fellowship Program that will encourage collaboration between the Australian and UK institutions.

The Fellowship Program will provide for up to seven fellows from Australia to study and research at King’s College London for up to six months from 2019. Early career researchers from King’s College London will then travel to Australia from 2020.

The Australian Studies Institute at ANU will administer the University’s involvement in the Fellowship Program. Institute Director Professor Paul Pickering said the program provides an excellent opportunity for cross-institutional collaboration.

“King’s College London is one of the best – and oldest – universities in the world, and like ANU, is internationally recognised for its humanities, social research and economics programs,” Professor Pickering said.

“The collaboration between King’s, ANU and our Australian partners will create the opportunity to share and challenge ideas, enhance research and study projects and form a deeper understanding of the issues of significance to humanities, social research and economics fields.”

The new partnership will be formalised at the Old Conference Room at King’s College London on 11 September, to be followed by a public lecture at Australia House from the Australian Studies Institute’s Foundation Fellow, Dr David Headon, on Sir George Reid, former Australian Prime Minister and the only person to be both a Member of the Australian House of Representatives and the British House of Commons. 


Professor Paul Pickering
Director, The Australian Studies Institute
Australian National University

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