Basic income in Australia – Could it work?

A forum at The Australian National University (ANU) on Monday will explore the idea of Australia moving to a universal basic income scheme, where researchers will discuss some of the early results from financial modelling into the matter.

Associate Professor Ben Phillips of the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods has conducted the modelling and will speak at the event. He said the research was still a work in progress, but preliminary analysis shows the concept would have some significant implications for Australia.

“The results are interesting, it would be a shake up for incomes in Australia,” he said.

“Moving to a basic income does involve some significant winners and potentiality some significant losers.”

A basic income scheme would involve all Australian citizens receive a consistent minimum income.

Calls for a basic income in Australia have arisen due to concerns about wage inequality and the possible ‘hollowing out’ of the labour force due to technological change.

The ANU event will investigate the different options for a basic income and test tax rates and reforms that could finance a scheme in Australia.

Speakers include:

  • Ben Phillips, ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods
  • David Ingles, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, ANU
  • Miranda Stewart, Melbourne Law School and ANU

The seminar will be Co-hosted by the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute (TTPI) and the Centre for Social Research and Methods (CSRM).

More information is available here:

WHAT: Forum: From guaranteed minimum income to basic income: what might it look like today?

WHERE: Seminar room 8, Level 2, JG Crawford Building 132, Lennox Crossing, ANU

WHEN: Monday 19 March 2018, 12.30pm–1.45pm

For media assistance, the ANU Media Team on +61 2 6125 7979 or at

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