Can Australia power ahead with renewables and hydrogen?

As Australia sets records for the uptake of renewables, how we can effectively integrate these energy sources into the nation’s electricity grid and also use them to create green hydrogen will be in sharp focus at the ANU Energy Update 2019.

Taking place at The Australian National University next Monday, this year’s Update will canvas Australia’s energy transition, the National Hydrogen Strategy, global energy trends and the future of electricity markets.     

The one-day symposium brings together leading researchers, policymakers and industry.

Speakers include:

  • Audrey Zibelman, CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator, who will discuss Australia’s energy transition.
  • Ian Cronshaw from the International Energy Agency, who will outline the latest findings from the 2019 World Energy Outlook – the leading energy analysis for insight on international policy and investment decisions.
  • Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, who will discuss the National Hydrogen Strategy, adopted by the COAG Energy Council on 22 November.
  • Tony Chappel, from the Australian Energy Market Operator, will discuss the outcomes from the recent Future Electricity Markets summit that saw leading experts converge in Sydney to shape the future of international electricity markets.
  • Fleur Yaxley, a senior executive in the renewables industry, who will deliver the 2019 Solar Oration.

Professor Ken Baldwin, Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute, said “there is no other energy event like this in Australia”.

“We draw together key contributors at the vanguard of the energy transition in Australia and internationally – providing decision makers with the very latest agenda-setting research, innovative ideas and insights on national and international energy issues.

“This year our discussion panels will focus on two key areas of national significance. Firstly, the prospects for hydrogen and the export opportunities this presents for Australia.

“Secondly, we will take an over-the-horizon look at future electricity markets and how they can effectively integrate the meteoric rise of renewables, storage and transmission technologies into the grid.”

Media are invited to attend both the update and oration. A full program is available here. 


WHAT: ANU Energy Update and Solar Oration 2019

WHEN: Monday 2 December 8:30am-5:10pm (Energy Update) and 6:00pm-7:40pm (Solar Oration)

WHERE: Cinema Theatre, Kambri Cultural Precinct, University Avenue, ANU.


For media assistance, contact the ANU Media Team on +61 2 6125 7979 or at

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