Fallen star India grapples with rights and reform

India's declining minority rights at home and its struggle to keep up with global technological competition will be analysed as leading experts come together to assess the key factors that will shape the country's future over the next decade.

The Australian National University's (ANU) India Update will feature presentations on pressing issues for the nation including challenges to health and sanitation, treatment of minorities in the South Asian region, movements for gender equality, rapid urbanisation and international relations.

The event will include welcoming remarks from High Commissioner of India Dr A.M. Gondane.

Other struggles concern India’s technological trajectory.

Dr Andrew Kennedy of the ANU Crawford School said India was once seen as a rising technology power poised to follow in China’s footsteps.  However, the failure of Indian companies to invest in research and development has seen the country lag behind its East Asian neighbours.

“In the 2000s people thought China and India were both rising technology powers,” Dr Kennedy said.

“What has become clear over the past few years is that India is not following in China’s footsteps and there is now a widening gap.

“However India’s startup boom offers some hope that its future will be better than its past.”

A keynote address from the head of the People's Linguistic Survey, Professor G.N. Devy, will examine what endangered minority languages reveal about the state of India's democracy, while a plenary talk from commentator Sushil Aaron on "Turbulence" examines India's complicated domestic politics.

Other research topics to be presented at the event include:

  • Associate Professor Assa Doron, ANU -- Superbugs and sanitation in India
  • Dr Alicia Mollaun, DFAT - Australia and India: strengthening ties
  • Professor Richa Nagar, University of Minnesota -- Gender, movement and theatre: after playing with fire
  • Gigi Scaria, independent artist -- Imagined spaces, constructed realities

Media are invited to attend and more information is available here: https://sari.anu.edu.au/events/india-update-2018-voices-of-difference-minority-positions-in-a-majoritarian-world/

Interviews with speakers are available by contacting the ANU Media Team on 02 6125 7979 or media@anu.edu.au.



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WHAT: India Update 2018

WHERE: Lecture Theatre 1, Hedley Bull Building 130, ANU

WHEN: Thu 15 November — Fri 16 November 2018, 9am–5pm

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