Focus on right-wing terrorism as former US counter-terror head returns to ANU

Right-wing terrorism will be in the spotlight when the former director of America’s National Counterterrorism Center, Nicholas Rasmussen, returns to The Australian National University (ANU) next week.

Mr Rasmussen is a Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Visitor at the ANU National Security College.

Under this program, some of the world’s leading security practitioners spend time at ANU teaching, researching, and engaging with government and the public debate.

This is Mr Rasmussen’s second visit to ANU. Previous visitors in the program include former US Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper and democratic resilience expert Laura Rosenberger.

Nick Rasmussen will join the College for a three-week visit to support academic teaching and training of Australian Government officials on a range of national security issues, including policy-making and terrorism.

The Head of the National Security College, Professor Rory Medcalf, said he was delighted to welcome Nick Rasmussen back to ANU.

“Nick Rasmussen was one of the first voices in the American national security community to alert the world to right-wing terrorism, and his concerns have tragically been borne out,” Professor Medcalf said.

“His work with the National Security College will focus on the threat of white supremacist violence, in the wake of terrorist attacks this year in Christchurch, New Zealand, and recently in the United States.”

Nick Rasmussen will speak at a public event on the changing nature of terror hosted by the ANU National Security College on Wednesday 14 August, which media are welcome to attend.

Mr Rasmussen is available for media from 12 to 23 August.              

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