Heatwaves, haze and health

As heatwaves across the country cause temperatures to reach new record highs, The Australian National University (ANU) has experts available to discuss heatwaves, climate change, bushfires, haze and health.

They can be contacted directly, or through the media hotline on + 61 2 6125 7979.


Climate change and health:

Dr Liz Hanna
Honorary Senior Fellow, ANU Climate Change Institute
M: +61 418 995 504
E: Liz.Hanna@anu.edu.au 
Expertise: Human health impacts of climate change

Dr Arnagretta Hunter 
Clinical Senior Lecturer, ANU Medical School
T: +61 418 419 414
E: arnagretta.hunter@anu.edu.au
Expertise: Human health impacts of air pollution and heat

Professor Sharon Friel 
Director, ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance 
M: +61 410 356 194
E: Sharon.Friel@anu.edu.au
Expertise: Public health & climate change
Note for journalists: Professor Friel will be in Scotland from 21 December – 6 January, but is contactable via Whatsapp on the above number.

Dr Aparna Lal
Fellow, ANU Research School of Population Health
M: +61 403 569 416
E: aparna.lal@anu.edu.au
Expertise: Public health & climate change

Dr Kathryn Bowen
Honorary Associate Professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society
M: +61 407 299 053
E: kathrynjbowen@gmail.com
Expertise: Public health & climate change

Professor Sotiris Vardoulakis
Professor of Global Environmental Health, ANU National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health
M: +61 490 711 964
E: Sotiris.Vardoulakis@anu.edu.au
Expertise: Climate change and health, air pollution

Climate change and extreme weather:

Professor Janette Lindesay 
Deputy Director, ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society, ANU Climate Change Institute 
M: +61 439 992 812
E: jlindesay@gmail.com 
Expertise: Climate change science and impacts, drivers of climate variation, extreme weather events

Professor Penny Sackett 
Honorary Professor, ANU Climate Change Institute 
E: penny.sackett@anu.edu.au
Expertise: Climate change science, climate tipping points & speed of change

Professor Mark Howden
Director, ANU Climate Change Institute 
M: +61 429 026 050
E: mark.howden@anu.edu.au
Expertise: Climate science, the impact of climate change on food production & security

For media assistance, call the ANU media hotline +61 2 6125 7979.

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