Joint statement - ANU and ANU Union plans for ANU Commons


The ANU Union Inc. have announced new plans that will see the ANU Union continue to provide services for students at the Australian National University.

Chair of the Board of Directors of the ANU Union Inc Tom Lindenmayer said the Union was excited to commence occupying the ground floor space known as ‘ANU Commons’ to provide students with additional options for food, beverage and function services on the ANU campus.

“This space will allow the Union to once again meet its constitutional objectives by providing discounted food and beverage options for students, a common meeting space, and by distributing its profits back to the student body,” Mr Lindenmayer said.

“The new space will be developed to include a modern bar, beer gardens, food hall (with multiple food and beverage outlets), café and functions space. “

ANU and the ANU Union have been working hard to ensure the space is a place where all students feel welcome, while having a minimal impact on residents in the surrounding buildings.

ANU Chief Operating Officer Chris Grange said the University was pleased to have been able to make the space work for the ANU Union and for students.

Fit-out work for the new premises will start in the next few days with the Union scheduled to open during the first semester of 2019.

“We are really looking forward to providing students with updates throughout the process, including on the various offerings which will be provided and likely launch dates,” Tom Lindenmayer said

“Updates on this process will be available through the ANU Union’s social media platforms and website.”

Contact Jo Meehan, ANU Media Manager, on 0436 605 635 or ANU Union Chair Tom Lindenmayer on 

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