Long-time political journalist to join academic ranks at ANU

The Australian National University has appointed former Fairfax political journalist Mark Kenny as Senior Fellow at its Australian Studies Institute, it was announced today.

Mr Kenny’s research interests will include political populism and the study of comparable political systems. He will continue to contribute to the public commentary on national issues.

Dean of the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Professor Rae Frances said Mr Kenny’s substantial experience in covering the issues that have shaped Australia in the past two decades lead nicely into his research work.

“Mark Kenny has had a front row seat to the policy decisions of the Howard, Rudd-Gillard and Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison governments that have made Australia what it is today,” Professor Frances said.

“The Australian Studies Institute aims to increase understanding of Australia’s place in the world and to bring an Australian perspective to international issues. Few are better placed to provide the Australian perspective on political and public policy issues than Mark Kenny.”

Mr Kenny’s journalism career included National Affairs Editor at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Fairfax Media’s Chief Political Correspondent and National Political Editor at The Advertiser.

Mr Kenny said it is fantastic to move from two of the oldest and best mastheads in Australia to its national university.

He will join ANU in early 2019.

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