New partnership hits the right note

An innovative new partnership is taking shape between The Australian National University (ANU) School of Music and the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO).

The Side-By-Side Chamber Orchestra will see ANU students and members of the CSO come together for two concerts in 2018.

Professor Ken Lampl, Head of the ANU School of Music, says it will provide an invaluable opportunity for the students to learn from some of the best musicians in the country.

“There are very few universities that have professional training orchestras. With the side-by-side program, orchestra students will sit with the Canberra Symphony players and get that experience of being a professional musician.”

“Thinking about the Canberra Symphony, the wealth of experience those players have and what they can pass down while sitting next to a student, it’s not something that takes place very often across the musical landscape of Australia, or the world. It’s a very, very special event.”

The orchestra will be conducted by renowned Australian musician, Max McBride.

Professor Lampl says it will give students something to aspire to, while getting them out of the practice room.

“Students are excited, they’re nervous, everybody’s working on their parts and that’s another great thing: they’re working so much harder because they’ll be sitting next to the professional orchestra musicians.”

It’s hoped the collaboration will encourage more students to stay in Canberra and play with the orchestra once they finish their studies.

Professor Lampl’s confident the CSO will benefit too, as they’ll have access to more well-trained young musicians.

“We want a vibrant cultural life where there’s lots of musicians and lots of work for them to do.”

According to Professor Lampl, this is just the start of the collaboration between the ANU and the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

He’s hoping the ANU can also reach out to local schools, to create a complete pathway for talented young musicians.

The first Side-by-Side concert will be held on Wednesday May 30, with the program to include a performance by the School of Music’s Jazz Faculty. 

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