Research the spark needed to shape our new energy future

A first-of-its-kind energy conference hosted by The Australian National University (ANU) will examine the energy challenges facing industry, government and society, and the latest cutting-edge research that could offer a way forward.

Running from 3 to 4 July, the State-of-Energy-Research Conference is organised by the Energy Research Institutes Council for Australia (ERICA) – which brings together 12 university-based energy research centres.

ANU researcher and conference General Chair, Professor Ken Baldwin, says we can expect to see big changes to the way we use energy in the near future, but any change needs to be fair across all of society.

“Australia and the world will undergo a massive transformation to their energy systems in the coming decades,” Professor Baldwin said.

“This will be particularly urgent as we move from a centralised, fossil-fuel based system to a more distributed, dominantly renewable based system.

“It is only through rigorous and relevant research that we as a society and an economy will be able to navigate this complex journey. It’s imperative we get that research into the hands of people who need it most.  

“Research across all disciplines ranging from science and technology to the human and social sciences will be needed to ensure a just and effective transition, and that’s why we are convening this extraordinary, first of its kind conference.”   

Key topics covered by the conference include energy economics and finance, transitional policy, energy regulation and governance and the future of energy storage in projects like Snowy 2.0.

Speakers at this year’s conference include Sarah McNamara, Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Council; Drew Clarke, Chair, Australian Energy Market Operator; Leeanne Bond, non-executive director of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Snowy Hydro; Professor Ross Garnaut on energy economics and policy; and Professor Martin Green on renewable electricity.         

Media are invited to attend the event.

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