Revamped ANU Juris Doctor degree means more flexibility

The Australian National University Law School will reform its highly-regarded Juris Doctor (JD) degree in 2019 to make it more accessible and flexible for students in Australia and internationally.

The ANU JD is designed for graduates of non-law disciplines, or non-Australian law degrees, and is the academic qualification (in addition to Practical Legal Training) that allows students to seek admission to practice law in Australia and in some overseas jurisdictions.

The changes were approved by the University’s academic board last week and will take effect from semester one 2019.

Dean of the ANU College of Law Professor Sally Wheeler OBE said ANU regularly reviews its degrees to ensure we remain among the world’s best, and reflect the needs of students and the legal profession.

“Our new degree combines the strengths of the on-campus and online JD degrees that ANU has been teaching for some years now into a single world-class JD degree that offers students maximum flexibility and accessibility,” Professor Wheeler said.

The new program, which replaces trimesters with semesters, will also provide teaching sessions between semesters to enable students to move their studies along if they wish. It also retains the University’s capstone experience that guarantees students practical clinical studies, internships, or a research project.

“We have done this by allowing students the option to study full-time or part-time as well as online or on-campus, and to decide their options each semester, based on their personal circumstances.

“We are confident these changes will ensure the ANU Law School continues to be at the forefront of Australia’s best legal education,” Professor Wheeler added.



Professor Sally Wheeler OBE, MRIA, FaCSS

Dean, ANU College of Law

T: 02 6125 4124


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