Rising risks in Asia: how will it end?

Trade wars, financial risks and geopolitical tensions are some of Asia’s growing challenges in sharp focus during a special forum at The Australian National University (ANU).

Dr Shiro Armstrong, Director of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research at ANU says Australia must to take a leading international role in mitigating the risk posed by slowing economic growth in the US or China.

“We are staring down some big risks on the horizon, including an escalating China-US trade war and the threat of a full-blown regional financial crisis,” Dr Armstrong said.

“Anything that causes a dip in growth for one of the big economies is likely to spread pretty quickly. The financial safety nets we have in the region aren’t up to the task.

“Whoever wins the Federal Election will inherit a difficult international environment. It is very important for them to be proactive in this space regionally and globally.

“We need to enable regional cooperation to make sure Asia is ready to respond to any signs of financial crisis.”

Leading economists, academics, and policymakers will come together at ANU on Tuesday to discuss Asia’s economic future as part of the forum, Asia's economic outlook: what are the risks?

Key speakers include:

  • Dr Hoe Ee Khor, Chief Economist of the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office
  • Ms Meghan Quinn, Deputy Secretary, Macroeconomic Group, Australian Treasury
  • Dr Amy King, Senior Lecturer at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, the Australian National University
  • Dr Shiro Armstrong, Director of the Australia-Japan Research Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University
  • Dr Adam Triggs, Director of Research of the Asian Bureau of Economic Research, Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University

More information about the event is available here: https://crawford.anu.edu.au/news-events/events/14150/asias-economic-outlook-what-are-risks

Media interested in attending are asked to please register by email to media@anu.edu.au


WHAT: Forum - Asia's economic outlook: what are the risks?

WHERE: Weston Theatre, Crawford School of Public Policy, No 132, Lennox Crossing, The ANU

WHEN: Tuesday 7 May, 12.30–2.00pm

For media assistance, contact Aaron Walker on the ANU media hotline on 02 6125 7979 or 0418 307 213.

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