ANU MEDIA ALERT: Silencing freedom of expression in Egypt

Thursday, March 9, 2017 — Political scientist and Professor Amr Hamzawy, who was part of the democratic uprising of 2011 in Egypt, is visiting The Australian University (ANU) and will deliver a public lecture on 14 March on the latest developments in Egypt.

Professor Hamzawy’s will deliver the lecture Legalising authoritarianism in Egypt on Tuesday March 14 at 6pm at the Australian Centre on China in the World. Media are invited to attend.

Legalising authoritarianism in Egypt will examine ways in which successive Egyptian governments have utilised lawmaking to eliminate opponents and silence voices of dissent since the coup of 3 July 2013.

He will also discuss the aggressive human rights abuses, compared to before the revolution in 2011, and the current security situation and radicalisation in Egypt.

Professor Hamzawy is a former member of the People’s Assembly. He was elected to the Assembly in the first parliamentary elections in Egypt following the 25 January 2011 revolution. He established a secular liberal political party, Egypt Freedom.

He stood his ground and opposed the then Islamist elected president Mohamed Morsi and went on to oppose the military coup of 2013 which ended his political career.

Professor Hamzawy was one of a group of politicians who spoke critically against the coup and were banned from teaching, then travel and appearing in the media.

In 2015 he moved to the United States where he works at George Washington University and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Professor Hamzawy continues to write a weekly opinion piece for the one remaining liberal daily in Egypt to stay engaged in local debates.

A video of Professor Hamzawy is available on ANUTV on YouTube:


WHAT: Legalising authoritarianism in Egypt

WHO: Professor Amr Hamzawy

WHERE: China in the World Auditorium, The Australian National University

WHEN: 6-7pm, Tuesday 14 March 2017

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