Statement on precautionary measures for COVID-19 on ANU campuses

The Australian National University will cancel public events and social gatherings as an additional precaution to minimise the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 among our community and more widely.  

Essential activities related to teaching and research, including lectures, tutorials, team meetings and community support such as childcare, will continue as normal.  

The University will stop all non-essential public and social events on ANU campuses from Monday 16 March until the end of semester one, Saturday 20 June 2020. There will be no public events after Monday 16 March. Events before that date will be postponed or cancelled where feasible. 

This additional precaution also ensures ANU can keep delivering its essential operations of teaching and research with minimal risk in the face of the rapidly evolving situation. Right now, the risk is very low. We are planning and acting now to help manage the future, not because of imminent threat.     

This measure, based on advice from the University’s COVID-19 expert panel, aims to limit activity and reduce opportunities for the virus to spread. 

We will announce additional precautionary measures for classes, residential colleges and the broader work environment in coming days.  

ANU has been taking a conservative and precautionary approach to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our entire community when it comes to COVID-19.  

Members of our staff and student community have also been taking a precautionary approach, and by doing so have been preventing risk to their colleagues and neighbours. 

We also have a pandemic plan in place. 

This has served our community well, and where those who have needed to self-isolate or needed a test it has been to protect their own health and the health of others.  

More information about the University’s response to COVID-19 can be found at:

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