Technological entanglement and information security

Australia’s technological future will be in spotlight at The Australian National University (ANU) on Tuesday 28 August.

A panel of experts will discuss the Federal Government’s decision to ban tech giant Huawei from taking part in the rollout of our 5G mobile network.

The Government cited national security concerns as the reason behind its decision.

So will it prove to be a test case for Australia when it comes to balancing the risks and rewards of importing technology from countries like China?

The speakers include:

  • Professor Roger Bradbury: National Security College, ANU
  • Sarah Logan: University of New South Wales
  • Tom Uren: Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)  

The forum will be moderated by Adam Ni, Visiting Fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at ANU.

The event is free and open to the public.


WHO: Professor Roger Bradbury, Tom Uren, Sarah Logan and Adam Ni

WHAT: “Death of Huawei’s 5G bid: Technological Entanglement and Information Security”

WHEN: 6-8pm, Tuesday 28 August

WHERE: China in the World (Building #188), Fellows Lane, ANU

For media assistance contact the ANU Media Hotline on (02) 61257979 or at <>. 

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